There are many courses that I wish I could have taken during my Teacher Prep grad school life. They would of course have ridiculous names like:

What to do when the power goes out and all of resources are online and you have nothing printed.

How to manage teaching 25 students one year and 35 the next year.

Practice and Procedures for not going crazy when all of the copiers are down (and also how to repair said copiers)

But the one thing that I would most have liked is a course on Work/Life balance. How can I give 110% at work and still keep a clean house, be a good wife/daughter/sister/friend?  The more I research this question the more I find either others searching for answers or people offering solutions via courses that would cost a lot of money and would also require time (which is a thing I don’t have because hello work/life balance).

So please join me for the next month as I share my struggle, delve into finding solutions, and try to find a better work/life balance.


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Summer Exhaustion

Jet lag and I are not on friendly terms. I did not sleep on my first flight (from Boston to Dublin) nor did I sleep on the second flight (from Dublin to Manchester). I did get a few minutes of napping on the car ride to Barrow, but mostly I’ve been trying to adapt to the time difference – which means a couple of things.

  1. I am hungry ALL THE TIME! I need to get this under control or I will gain 50 lbs while abroad.
  2. My body isn’t quite sure when it’s supposed to be tired, and so I am sleepy when I want to be awake, and awake when I should be sleeping.

I know that these issues will correct themselves in a few days time, but until then would someone mind bringing me a gluten-free pizza and then waking me up?

 – Harris